Softening a Habit

The bad habit is entrenched. You ignore or work around it to make it seem okay. But that takes space and energy; you are running out of both. Yet, the situation is repairable. It must be honestly seen (by only you at first, if you want to keep things safe), then acknowledgement can happen. This step alone requires an openness and tremendous courage. And if you’ve come this far, bravo! You’ve already softened the problem. I cannot overstate how huge that is. You are now shedding years, decades, perhaps lifetimes of old layers. Your mind is agile. Look at things differently. American philosopher Wayne Dyer once said, “If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at

Open to Change

What is the O'Meara method? Simply put the O'Meara method is a unique blend, balance and mix of teaching individuals how to balance body, mind and will. People know what they want: peace of mind, prosperity, self-respect, confidence, the list goes on. Teaching them how to achieve this through self-empowerment is what my hypnotherapy practice is all about. I show my clients easy to use everyday tools to achieve their goals and reinforce their ability to use these tools quickly, easily and simply with hypnosis.

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