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Don't Double-Stress

Are you worried, frustrated, or feeling cornered about how things will work out?

Are these things beyond your control or are you adding anticipatory stressors to situations that may or may not arise? Often times there are many developments, positive and negative, that play out in any circumstance. Yet we tend to latch onto the negative ones without putting much thought behind it. We react out of fear. If those things that are feared actually happen, we stress again when we are in them. We stress before and we stress during; double-stress.

What if we set our intentions to purposefully not think about and inevitably not feel (dodging another double-hit) that worst-case scenario? We instead put our efforts into something positive or even neutral, and to the best of our ability maintain our present focus on the now.This allows us to not project negatively toward our once dreaded future event. And when we get to that event, so frequently conditions change (that are out of our control anyway), altering the event itself, usually in our favor. It becomes a non-event or something more manageable and less feared than before. Even if by chance this monster-ish thing unfolds as we first feared it would, then, when the time comes, we can apply as much energy toward it as needed without letting it bleed into the rest of our day.


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